DHCP Relay Issues on pfSense?

So Saturday night I had to come into work for a little while and figured while no one was around that I’d update pfSense to 2.4.5 all went very well and I pacaked up and went home around 8pm.

Well this morning I get to work and think nothing of it but after a few users complaining about wifi I started investigation. After many hours of troubleshooting(rebooting, packet captures, loss of sanity) I’ve discovered that dhcp offers aren’t being sent back to clients on one of my ssid’s. What’s strange is that all wired devices work fine, and 3 out of the 4 ssid’s work just fine. The only network that doesn’t work is the vlan that the DHCP servers live in, which is the same vlan that the ssid belongs to.

I’m considering downgrading our box back to 2.4.4 to see if it corrects the behavior but wanted to get a little community feedback first.

Netgate XG-2758 firewall
Full unifi network: 71 devices in all, 35 ap’s, 36 switches, mixed models

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

That is not an issue I have encountered, I assume you have rebooted some of the other network equipment to make sure that does not solve the issue.

Yeah I rebooted everything, firewall, switches, dhcp servers.

I ended up finding the issue. I had updated my unifi controller as well. Just the controller VM, not device firmware, firmware has been a real crapshoot lately in my testing and most of my devices are still on .54.

It turns out that the controller change caused this. I have(had) Multicast and Broadcast filtering turned on for my staff ssid. It’s been like this for years and now they’ve broken it. I turned that off and the issues went away. While I was just going over things I know one last time before I started throwing things I had a thought about dhcp basically being broadcast traffic… Yeah way to go ui…

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