Device visible in Unifi but cannot be pinged

Network is in a retail store.
Switches and WAPs are Unifi
Router was just changed from a Peplink to a Netgate 6100

At the time the router was changed, the network was segmented into 4 vlans. Before this change everything was working fine. After the change was made, everything seems to be working except two Datalogic Falcon X4 handheld pricing computers. These Falcons show up in the list of devices in the Unifi Console. When our techs changed the units from DHCP to a static address, Unifi did update to show the new address. However, we cannot get these two units to connect for anything. We cannot ping them from the network. I could not ping them from the Netgate. They cannot ping the database server that they are supposed to connect to.

Since everything (including the Falcons) was working fine when the network was Peplink/Unifi, I believe that the issue is something to do with the pfsense. Does anyone have a thought as to what might cause this and what I can do to fix it?


Nevermind. Found my error. I had missed the setting in Unifi to direct traffic on that SSID to the correct vlan. Made that change and everything is working now.