Detection and Mitigation for Homelab

My brain recently ignored an event and resolved the problem automatically not realizing what had happened and after realizing what happened, I am concerned what else I am missing. What tools can I use in my Homelab to monitor my linux servers. I remembered Huntress and Sentinel One from Jay’s videos but I don’t think there is a lab tier of what he was using.

Any recommendations on what I should look into?

You can use tool such as to monitor all the traffic on the network, good learning experience and can also be labor intensive chasing down false positives. Huntress and SentrinelOne are both tools we use but they don’t offer any home lab or free versions.

I was looking for something that would monitor the actual files and activity on the server network wise I am using crowdsec and suricata (Just monitoring on that no blocking)

Another option could be

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