Detect new network devices? across subnets and vlans

Is there a decent free / inexpensive and self-hosted piece of software that can detect new network devices and send me notifications? sms or discord preferred, but email would also work. Looking for something running on my pfsense firewall/gateway or something running on a proxmox device on a vlan that’s allowed to access all other vlans and subnets.

Software I have tried and failed: fing only looks at the current subnet, and lansweeper allows too few devices for my homelab on their free version. also idk if these have the notifications I want.

home labber here living off disability, so crazy expensive business-priced solutions aren’t going to work for me.

pfSense package arpwatch, but not sure it works across VLANs or sub-nets.

Although, a Google search uncovered some posts of others getting it to work.

Yes Arpwatch does work across vlans, but there is no notification feature.

You can look at it the other way and only let authorised devices on say by using FreeRADIUS.

I don’t know about arpwatch on pfsense, but setting it up on Linux allows it to send emails.

Whether arpwatch can do VLANs depends on where you run it and what interfaces the host has. Your router naturally has all your VLANs, a linux server probably won’t unless you put it in all VLANs intentionally.

This will do that

perfect. I’ll watch that. thank you!