Desktop Rollouts

We are deploying new desktops. I want to set one up and then image it to the rest. Best recommendation to get this done quickly?

I take you are deploying windows 10 desktop. The best way to do it is build one with all the apps install. When you are happy sysprep the pc and image the hard drive with clonezilla. Then re-image the other pc with the image you made with clonezilla


Are you going to want to re-image regularly or just as a one-off for the initial install?

We had to set up 100 desktops. We cloned, as others have mentioned, the finalized version on 10 drives. Then we used 10 desktops, all located in the same room, to clone the remaining subsequent drives concurrently. This task take times, so employ as many desktops/laptops as you can to facilitate the cloning.

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Can be done over the network with Clonezilla.