Deploying a Netgate appliance

Hey I just got a new firewall and want to give the old one to some people I provide support to (my parents).
I am going to setup VPN so I can remotely manage it. Anyone have anything else they like to do before they deploy?
I appreciate any input.


I have the basics covered here:

And I have a pfsense Tailscale VPN video here

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I was going to use openVPN so glad I asked.
I am setting this up at my parents so I can do some site to site practice.
I am having trouble just plugging in a second firewall and routing it to the internet for downloading packages and configuration. I realize this is an edge device and plugging one behind the other isn’t using the product as designed. I figured I could get it setup this way.
I wasn’t able to reassign the web configurator using the serial console to another address for accessing it via the lan address. Do you configure the boxes you deploy with the web configurator? Is there a simpler way?

Yes, we use the web interface to setup them up.

I had to manually set my IP to the correct subnet before it would work, tried replugging the cable and nothing happened with DHCP.
Maybe it was user error.