Deploy wifi to all our clients

Hi all.

I need to deploy Wi-Fi corporate to all our clients.

Now we cannot use RADIUS server, since the network is managed by Group level.
So we need to manage via PSK i think.

What would be the best solution for this request?

I have already extracted the .xml file with the wifi profile and password.
How to deploy it for all the people, using GPO of course but how?

Domain controller is there,

Google is your friend - gpo wireless settings - Google Search

I know, if i had found something, i had not post a TS here at Laurence,

now i am trying to do via starup, but somehow it does not work.

.xml file is on a share, the wifi_deploy.bat file is in policies-machines-scripts

netsh wlan show profile profile
if %errorlevel%==0 goto end
netsh wlan add profile filename=“\servername\share\shareW\share\WiFi-profile.xml” user=all
netsh wlan connect name=“profile”

@Paul that solution is only good for radius and wpa2-enterprise. It is not suitable for wpa2-personal.

@test_account last time I looked into this it was a really nasty setup that involved exporting the SSID’s and passwords for your current machine and then writing a nasty batch file to import them on other devices. You are better off using a mobile device manager to configure your devices for this solution.

Could you not deploy the radius server and WPA enterprise with the collaboration/cooperation of the people managing your network at group level?