Dell R720 H710 IT Mode

Hey everyone! New to the forum and just absolutely love the videos Tom puts out about TrueNas and pfSense. Fully adopted both products because of him.

So I originally purchased a R720 with H710 to just be my VMware ESXi server but have since flashed the controller to reconfigure into being my TrueNAS, Many thanks to the AMAZING folks here (Introduction - Fohdeesha Docs) that provided SUPER simple easy to follow method.

I’ve been running TrueNas 12, then 12U1 the 12U2 on this R720 for about 2 months with little to no issues. I started with TrueNAS installed bare metal and since switched over to TrueNAS as a VMware VM with PCI passthrough. I’m now at the point where I am considering purchasing another R720 to place into a datacenter I have access to and then replicate my data.

So my questions to the group (before I drop another ~2K on the this build) are the following:

  1. Anyone else running the H710 in IT Mode for an extended period of time without issues?
  2. Is there a better (more resilient and reliable) build than the R720 with H710 in IT Mode?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

If you are looking for a good deal on some used enterprise hardware you can find a lot of Supermicro systems on eBay with the LSI cards which work really well. Just doan eBay search for FreeNAS/TrueNAS and a lot them will come up.

I haven’t tried to flash the controller on my R720 just yet - I want to but I’ve got to move a lot of data off of the Raid first. I saw Unkyjoe bought some cable that used the onboard controller as well instead of flashing the Raid controller. I have not tried this yet either. So, I am just of no help. :slight_smile:

The onboard is only 2 ports at 3Gbps only.

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Ah, good to know! Thanks for pointing this out.

I’m happy to hear the R720 is working great. There is one for sale close to me. E5-2620 48gb ram with H710 for $450. Is that a fair price?

I need a NAS for an up coming multi family picture/ video archiving party but also what something I can run VM’s on and maybe a Minecraft server for my son.

Do you think I can do all of this on one machine? I’m new to this but really want to dive in.

Thank you


That is exactly what I’m using it for. Family photos and videos. Works great