Dell R710 iDrac issue

Hello fellow forum folks.

I am faced with an issue with a Dell R710 that I have been tasked with managing. I obtained an iDrac Enterprise card to install on the unit. Installed the card physically on the system but it would appear that the server its self does not like the card after you try to configure it, as it fails to “apply some settings” and if you try to update the firmware using life cycle it boot loops. I’m, not 100% sure if its an issue with the add-on card or if its the server it’s self. When the Card is installed the NIC its self does not light up the link or activity LEDs. (its one that someone else configured to run as an HV with Win Hyper-V Free 2012R2).

My question is does anyone know why or what steps I should take to try and resolve the issue of the card not working?

Check the Dell docs for the R710 they have more than one card, not all the 710s are the same.