Dell R420, pfSense, Intel NIC driver issue

Greetings again all,

I finally got time to install a new Intel MY0YT674 4port Gig NIC card into my r420. The server and pfSense recognize the card and all the ports, however, when I am in Dell BIOS, it says its speed is only capable of 10/100 MB. It does not give me any option to choose Gig as the speed. I looked on Dell’s website for drivers but the only ones I’ve seen are for i350 or higher…does anyone have any knowledge on this? All my Dell drivers are up to date (including BIOS etc.)

Device: Intel(R) Ethernet Server Adapter I340-T4

Server: Dell r420
Firmware Version:

Disregard this post

This is supposedly a BIOS glitch (I found it after more research).

I just decided to reconfigure my NIC ports to have the new NIC ports for WAN/LAN for pfSense. I ran a speed test and was not limited. Supposedly, it is a glitch in the Dell BIOS. So if anyone in the future has this problem, just try using the ports and run a speed test.

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