Dell Optiplex Intel 7th Gen Pfsense

Is anyone using a Dell Optiplex with a 7th Gen Intel processor for a pfsense box? If so how’s the performance?

I figured the used market will be flooded with them soon due to the Intel 7th Gen not being officially supported by Windows 11.

I have a client set up using a 7th Gen i5 (8GB RAM) in a Dell Optiplex with extra 4-port NICs. They have 3 physical networks inside and dual WAN (set for automatic failover). It’s running 2 VPN servers and multiple firewall rules in addition to normal routing. Performance is great.

I also set up a second pfSense box using identical hardware and loaded a backup of the config onto it (and tested it) so they have one to swap in just in case of issues. Remember, 2 is 1 and 1 is none.

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