Dell NX400 Processor Upgrade

I picked up a PowerVault NX400 for next to nothing and was looking to set it up as a VM server for some lighter duty VM’s. However, the E5-2403 v2 was good for storage but I think it will be a little light for what I’m wanting to do with it. I am hoping to upgrade the processor but I am having a hard time determining what processors will be compatible. Officially it was shipped with the E5-2420 v2 or E5-2420 v2. Does anyone know if any of the 12 core E5 v2 processors will work? E5-2695 v2, E5-2697 v2, or E5-4657L v2


The 4657 may not work, but any of the 26xx V2 should be OK if you have enough power supply and cooling.

On the download page is lists the BIOS as an R320, you may want to verify that the main boards are the same and use that as a guide to processor choice.

I looked for documentation and either missed the info on the main board, or it isn’t there.

@Greg_E Thanks for the follow-up. Physically the NX400 appears to be the same as the R320. However, I did notice the R320 and NX400 use an FCLGA1356 socket. The 12 core processors I mentioned use an FCLGA2011 socket. So this rules out all 12 core options. If I am reading the spec information correctly from Intel, the E5-2470 V2 is the highest performing processor I can get with an FCLGA1356 socket. This does work in the R320. I’m hoping it will work in the NX400.

Sorry, I keyed in on the 56xx not the 24xx part number, yeah you are going to be limited in selection.