Dell C1100 or CS24-TY main board for sale?

Going to give a try here and see if anyone in the USA might have a C1100 or CS24-TY main board sitting around that they want to sell???

I fired up my XCP-NG lab system today for the first time in months because I have some “prototype” work that would be easiest on a VM system, and one of my servers is dead. Power light comes on, error light comes on, iDrac won’t even blink now. In short the BIOS and/or BMC firmware is dead. There are a few on ebay, but thought I would ask here first.

Yes I will try the recovery, just need to find the info again. Pretty sure I already performed the steps and no luck, but worth due diligence to check it again.

Also, yes I did swap the power supply with a working unit, still the same behavior. Pulled all the ram and both processors. Tried each processor in socket 0, etc. Couldn’t even get a no memory beep out of it.

The last time it functioned I was getting some odd fan behavior from it, this is often a signal that the firmware is going to bail on you. Same version that I’m running on the other two servers, and the are not giving me problems.

eBay and Amazon are my go to when we need a board like that.

Yeah, I did order one from eBay, hope it really works when it arrives.

Going to end up putting this system into “service” at work, really need to be able to spin up different machines at will, and sometimes do this from home. Need to test Jitsu Meet, and an open source newsroom system called Superdesk. Superdesk might be able to replace software that costs us $8000 a year. Also probably need to scale my Guacamole server up a few cores to prove that they should spend money on a new server to put it into production.