Default setting on a Unfi network for AP's

Is there a way to have a template setting for an Unifi network with several AP, for instance, change the Radio settings for all AP to auto, etc. So I don’t have to configure each individual device manually.


I believe, by default, the controller automatically gives all of the APs the same settings. I know that’s how mine worked. I can also go in and adjust individual APs afterwards, if desired.

I believe you re right, but what if you wanted to change the setting on a high number of AP´s then manual is the not funniest way.
So a kind of template or blueprint associated with a number of AP’s is what I am looking for

Hi Ole,

I just confirmed in my UniFi CloudKey controller that you can do that.

It’s under Settings >> Wireless Networks

Changes made there provision to all devices.

Hope that helps,


In the devices under the config then scroll down to “manage device” and you can copy the config from devices of the same type.