Dedicated SSD NFS vDev TrueNas

Looking at creating a mirror or RAIDz1 vdev for a NFS datastore presented to a hypervisor in TrueNAS.
3 x Dell 1.6-TB 6G 3.5 MLC MU SATA SSD

Anyone done anything similar?

I’ve currently got 4 x Red Plus drives with everything on them, in a 2 x mirror config. I’ve also got a pair of 128GB SSD drives fitted, which I had planned for a NFS datastore, but will configure for logs.

TrueNAS OS is installed on a pair of 64GB SSD drives.

Systems has 32GB RAM installed and can take a max of 64GB. Will be upgrading to 10GBe later in the year if switch stock from Aruba becomes available.

TrueNAS can have multiple pools, create a pool of fast drives and another of slower drives.


Hi Tom,

Sorry, yes that’s my intention for the hypervisor data store over NFS.

Many thanks.