Decent domain name registrar?

I need to buy a new name for work, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a registrar. Private registration is a must have option, I get enough spam as it is.

I see Google offers this for around $10usd per year which is probably in the range of what I’m looking for. No hosting at this time and probably don’t want to tie the name to the hosting company because that’s when they get difficult if you decide to move one or the other.

I’m also familiar with Network Solutions and also familiar with GoDaddy’s reputation when you want to try and move something.

Cloudflare operates as a registrar and if you combine it with their DNS service, your site will have very fast DNS resolution, leading to better rating in google search.

I use Porkbun. They’re incredibly cheap and their support answers in literal seconds. Really good service!

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I will try to find a coupon code for godaddy for getting the domain then transfer it to cloudflare after few months or before renewal.

We have been using Hover for a while now, simple interface, good support, and has been trouble free.


I think one of our faculty uses Hover for personal stuff, but haven’t had a chance to ask him yet.

I WILL NOT touch GoDaddy! I’ve had direct bad experiences with them trying to move something.

And my biggest beef with Network Solutions is 2 parts:

Part 1 is they don’t seem to chase down problems that I can’t access, like when a trace route shows the nearest router to their datacenter is having issues, and they won’t contact that company. I’ve looked and can’t find contact info to do it myself. The only router in the path “owned” by a small company and routinely an issue.

Part 2 is lack of willingness to embrace Let’s Encrypt. They will sell you the high dollar ecommerce level of encryption, but not everyone needs this level. And they are really expensive for this encryption. A sales person actually made it to my phone one day trying to sell me their encryption, he got an ear full that day. No reason they can’t just set the servers up to allow Let’s Encrypt, other than greed. If I was doing ecommerce I would certainly be happy to pay for the best, lawsuits are expensive and encryption cheap compared.

Hope NS reads this, they can figure out who I am and contact me. I have a personal and work website with them as well and the registrar for both. Fix both things and I’ll be happy.

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Second on Hover.

I’ve also used Dotster with success in the past.



I have been using them for somewhere around 20 years…give or take. For business and personal. Never any issues.

No-ip has been great. Have several find registered with them and custom email. Will resolve and transfers to AZURE.

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Indeed. Porkbun is great. You also get free WHOIS privacy and SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt, auto renewed). All of their support staff I’ve interreacted with have also lived locally (Portland, OR), so that’s pretty cool, IMO.

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I have my domains split between Porkbun, Namesilo and OVH (for European TLDs). I had good support from both Porkbun and Namesilo when I needed. OVH support works but it’s a bit on the slow side.

I am using NameCheap for long time and pretty OK with them.

I did discovered IwantMyName registar some time ago and looks very interesting.

We use here. Our last order was just under $20 for 3 years. (They do have regenerate options so you get it in pieces for the amount of time the browsers support.) THey actually are a front for other companies like Comodo and Sectigo.

Certs can get pricy if you add a bunch of options like multiple aliases.

Hover - simple, no bs upselling.

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I’ll second Hover. Good interface and support on the odd chance that you need it.

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