Decent Cloud-Manageable Firewall?

Hello all,

Looking for a decent cloud-manageable firewall.
We have Sophos for bigger customers. Unifi routers are basic enough, but hard to find for decent prices.
I know Netgate/pfsense is a great firewall, but for ease of use, we’d prefer something with a central management/cloud dashboard.

Mid-range on pricing would be great. Not interested in Meraki, Fortinet, or Juniper.

Not sure if @LTS_Tom has reviewed this or something similar.

Looks neat, but also looks like a single person operation. Fairly cheap though starting at $6 a month for up to 25 devices (or is that $6 per month per device???).

Looked like $6 per device per month.

I know of Mudmap but I don’t know how well they do security so I don’t plan to use them.