Day in the Life IT Business / Behind The Scenes at Lawrence Systems &


This is cool. I would love to just sit and be a fly on the wall all day in your office. Yes, it’s hard to make certain things “interesting” but more BTS videos would be cool. Even if it’s mundane stuff we would watch it lol. I love the last one you did too.

Suggestion for the business videos. If you can put them all in main channel and make “playlists” for business and tech it may solve the issue with building a second channel. Or just tag videos with “Business” or “tech” or something so people can search/filter main channel.


Hello! Yes, I agree with maddog. I enjoyed the quick behind the scenes topics as well. Certainly gives the feeling if what I am doing is on track or Normal :slight_smile:

09:50 and Breaking off a dedicated business channel.

For me, it is faster/better to see all the videos in one place. it is time consuming for ME to bounce through all the channels I am subbed to and see what is new. I often dont get to them all, I hit my favorites first. So, if i see you have 4 new videos, I will hit play all and watch them in a series, even if I am not really interested in one or more in the series. Having to bounce through potentially many of your channels to see other content is not better (for me :slight_smile:

For you, as a content creator, what what is best for you and the channel?

Does youtube reward you for staying on niche homogenous type subjects per channel or would having a variety of content (and more videos) matter? How does all that work?

I would like to hear your comments and insight about the youtube point of view.


YouTube is an ever changing system that can be hard to master, but staying focused and being known for a particular type of content does seem to drive better more consistent numbers because the audience is not picking and choosing as much about what they want to watch on your channel. For now I think I will just keep it all on one channel because it is certainly much easier to only maintain one channel. :slight_smile:

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Agreed, I think keeping everything on one channel make sense. You are already categorizing all the videos under the relevant playlists so it’s easy to find what you are interested in.

So Tom, walking through your office, where are the techs sitting doing the every day user support? Being a MSP surely you need someone keeping an eye on all the RMM alerts, emails and client calls coming in?

Yes, I have some in the office and others working from home doing that.

LTS_Tom Would like to see just one channel, as was suggested by another, build play lists that way post will be easy to find.
Another suggestion do a stream with Chris from crosstalk, Willie Howe and if you can get him Wendel discussing business practices each use. I get the same kind of questions from techs looking to start their own practice and my answer is the same as what you have repeated time and again.
We have similar methodolgies but again different mine I started developing in the '90s when commodity pricing became a thing and vendors started snaking their VARs. (they still do) Client buys direct gets good price, no capital tied up, still make good $$ on service, design, project management. All business is different best advice is do try to be all things to all clients, build alliances.
Always good to see what others in the biz are doing, one can always learn things.

Not really exactly relevant to this disussion per se but since it was brought up on the video — any synology review or comparison would be helpful. Perhaps one of your staff members could do some of the video since you stated you don’t administer synology frequently.

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You’d be the only person doing these kind of videos so a new channel shouldn’t be as hard, if you ‘advertise’ it enough I think a 2nd channel would be successful.