Datto RMM (Not Backup)

Looking for opinions on Datto RMM (Not the backup product) – I love how the integrated so many different pieces, curious on pricing and reviews from actual users. I put out a call today to SolarWinds, but no one ever picked up the phone in sales for over 15 minutes, so…

If you have other recommendations for an RMM I’d love to hear the name, pricing and why. I used to use GFI Max back in the day.

Thanks in Advance.

I have never used them so I don’t have a lot of insight, but I have a friend who is and he seems happy. None of the tools are perfect, they all have issues. If you spend time in https://www.reddit.com/r/msp you will find that everyone has some issue with their RMM tools, none solve all the problems.

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Thanks for the reply @LTS_Tom