Data recovery - for passed away family member

Hello all, so I receive a call to day from my mother in law was trying to access my recently pass away father in law computer. He gave her the password on a note pad and she can not find it. I really don’t want her to have to take to a shop where they could mess it up or loss the data. Anyone know of the best way to get the data off the computer safely? I thought about maybe looking into Kali and see if they had a program that would help.


Most people don’t do anything more than put a Windows password on the system. You can boot of of most any live linux install such as Ubuntu and get to the data.


If it is just a windows password, purchase a drive caddie that allow you to connect hard drive to a machibe via usb - remove the hard drive from the machine and attach it to another machine,

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Thank you so much for the tips. I know my mother in law will be really happy not to lose the pictures and letters.

Think about a backup solution, having only one copy of a machine is not good - machine / hard drive fails you have lost everything

You can try some of the tools on this disk Download | Hiren's BootCD PE It’s Windows based so friendly for many users. This also assumes the computer you are trying to get into is a Windows machine.

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