Data backup and recovery plan

Hi all,

I am in the middle of trying to write a data backup and recovery plan but I am finding it quite difficulte.
I have all my VM in xcp-NG and I use the Xen Orchestra to do my backup.

I also have an external server connected to the Datacenter via zerotier that I use to replicate on in case the DC blow up.

Could anyone please share their template so I can get an Idea as to how other people do it?
I don’t have a building or any fire related stuff as all my asset in the datacenter and in digital format.

Thank you all in advance.

Are you looking for a write up? Or just a list of methods?

I am looking more like a write-up.
I am currently following this template
There is only 2 of us in the business at the moment, so this template is overkill but still has good pointers