Daily Driver Laptop - Suggestions welcome

Looking to purchase a new laptop for use as my daily driver. Basically I am looking for something I can run a couple of VMs on simultaneously while doing normal task without bogging it down. Also looking for something that would have the capacity to do photo and video editing or gaming for those late nights when I just want a break from IT. Also looking to so some audio recording with device as well with a software called reaper. Two options I’m currently looking at are below. Any suggestions along the same price range and specs would be greatly appreciated.

CPU: i7 processor minimum
Memory: 16 GB RAM min
Storage: NVMe SSD - 512 GB min
OS: Windows 10 Pro

$1200 Max budget before tax

MSI GF75 Laptop

Lenovo Thinkpad T570

Also have this one as an option on the lower end.

Lenovo E595

I have been using Lenovos (but with Linux) for a while and they have been very trouble free. I would go with more RAM if you are going to run a few VM’s

looking at probably 32 GB - have a chip set aside to add 16 GB to whatever I go with.

What do you think on the two Processors? - Thinking the i7 -9750H would be better than the i7-6600U.

I’ve heard some bad things regarding the processors ending in U before.

I have a decent sized fleet, and here is what my team carries. We have evaluated almost all of your larger players, but this is what we settled on and I would recommend. We used to use a very high end 15” MBP, a lot of my staff does development and I like for everyone to have the same thing. This became troublesome so we changed it up.

Our current deployment is this.

2019 - MBP 13” I7-1TB-16GB RAM(When they get 32GB in the 13” we will be doing those)
7th Gen X1 Carbon I7(Not the 10th gen yet)-14” Privacy Guard Screen-1TB-16GB(When 32GB is available we will be going to those)

Our techs can load any additional OS they want, but generally we have Windows, Mac and Linux in the bag. We do require Windows & Mac. Also of note and I really recommend is an eGPU connected to a nice monitor. For the office desks we use the Radeon VII connected to a Dell U4919DW monitor a for those that have a dedicated home office setup we supply the same for them. The eGPU will do 10gbit networking along with all connectivity needed in one connection so we don’t do a dock. To me the eGPU makes all the difference in the world. While the X1 may make you push your budget by a bit I highly recommend them. We have had very few failures in the 10 months we have been using them. I hate the idea of using a Chinese companies product but oh well.

The Lenovo T400s are a good option too. I usually buy them on eBay about 2 generations old and they last for 4-5 years.