DAC connections between manufacturers

I have a Cisco Catalyst 4500 at the core of my network, but I’ve been converting my access layer to Unifi switches. I’ve had two instances where the uplink between them has stopped passing traffic. Oddly enough, the links were still showing as up, but no data was passing. I bypassed the issue by just using regular copper ports at 1G instead of a DAC cable.

Do DAC cables need to be manufacturer specific? I know Cisco can be a real pill about what goes into their SFP ports.

Just wondering if anybody else has seen something similar.


Cisco is picky but my experience with UniFi and MikroTik has been that they are not as picky about what DAC adapters are used.

Doesn’t https://www.fs.com/ make DAC cables with mixed transceivers? I’m sure I’ve heard people talk about them, but digging around their website doesn’t come up with anything…