Customer Networks (Unifi)



I just recently DM’d over Twitter regarding this topic and you advised to bring the conversion over to your forum - thanks for the indulgence!

I am a huge fan of your content and appreciate your security posture and approach. However, I’m curious as a Unifi fan and user how companies are ensured their networks don’t get extended to your hosted instance(s) and how you assure their security?

Please don’t take my question the wrong way as I’m not trying to have you divulge any customer information or your company processes. I’m just very interested in what you’ve accomplished (others in this space too) and do aspire to move in the same business direction but struggle to understand how companies bring up this topic to you or how you address it to them. In a world of seemingly endless compliance programs companies need to be concerned with, it’s just top of mind.

Appreciate any insight!


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The only companies that have asked to have the controller on site have their own internal IT departments to handle it. If we are managing the systems and network it goes in our controller.