Crowdsec on pfSense?

Has anyone managed to utilize anything from Crowdsec on pfSense? Maybe in pfBlockerNG?

No plugin for PFsense - Introduction | CrowdSec

Yes, I understood that it is not there yet.

But would it be possible to use lists from CrowdSec in pfBlocker?

There is a write up on doing it, it’s on my to do list but I have not had the time yet.

That is amazing news! Looking forward to see it :slight_smile: Thank you for the link.

Hey - head of community at CrowdSec here. Thans for the interest in our project :slight_smile: Feel free to join our Discord if you need help. Also if you want to know more about when official support for pfSense is available (spoiler: it will be available soon™) it’s a good place to hang out. Find it at CrowdSec.


Yes, and I can confirm that @klausagnoletti is who they say they are and definitely join their community. :slight_smile:

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