CRM panel for small msp

Hello guys, I am going to start my small msp business. So just wanted to ask you all what CRM panel you use for managing customers and all.

I am trying to build a website from which customers can directly buy services like e-commerce.

For invoicing and all I use invoice ninja. I had already made half of the website using invoice ninja api to show products and all on website but having a CRM panel will be better.

Thank you all in advance.

We use HubSpot, lots of integration options and easy to embed forms.

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Plus one for HubSpot. Even the free plan is a great way to get started, and you can grow into the paid plans. Also BOLO for promotions, sometimes you can get it for a steal.

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Also should I go for tech tribe for privacy policy and SLA agreements and all or should I find some lawyer ??

Thanks. Will take a look at BOLO

Tech tribe a good start but a local attorney who know the local laws is a good idea.

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