Critique my zfs choices

Homelab with a dl380 g9 running proxmox. 12 x 2TB sas disks, 2 x 1TB SSD

I setup the two ssds as a mirror for the OS (and I suppose any storage if I need the speed)

I went back and forth on ideal configuration for the disks but I ended up with 3x vdevs with 4 disks in raidz2. That gives me about 12TB of practical space.

Let me know if anyone thinks there was a wiser way to configure. I initially tried 4x vdevs with 3 disk mirrors but that brought the space down to ~7-8TB which felt like a bit more than I was willing to give up.

I haven’t setup anything yet so there’s still time to reconfigure.

It all depends on the workloads/performance and fault tolerance you are willing to use/not use. Without knowing any of that information it would be hard to suggest any kind of configuration.

I guess it’s a bit difficult for me to quantify. I don’t need super high performance. And I only need enough redundancy where I get notified if a disk has issues and can swap in a replacement.

It’s mostly running IoT platforms (homeassistant, mosquito, zigbee2mqtt) and some others like gitlab-ce, haproxy, plex, etc.

I have backups. Downtime is painful but not unbearable. This is a replacement for a different server that was running hardware raid5 (I know I know!) across 4 5400rpm disks so anything is likely an improvement.