Crimping RJ45 Ends the easy way with the Ideal FT-45 Crimper

Yes, I will admit that I am not good at crimping RJ45 ends, but this tool makes it easy.

Ideal 30-495 FT-45 Feed Thru Modular Plug Crimp Tool

Ideal 85-371 CAT5e Feed-Thru RJ-45 Modular Plugs 50/Card

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I’ve been using EZ-RJ45’s for awhile now, ever since I saw another wiring guy using them and thought, “wait a sec, that’s too easy”. I am however too cheap to use the crimper with the cutter built in, so just use a blade to trim them.

Anyone who does lots of cable terminations, I’d highly recommend these style plugs/tools!

These things CAN short out. If you’re using POE, that can be really really bad. We tried the first generation of these things about 10 years ago, and I eternally banished them from my shop over the problem with the blade in the crimper not cutting them off smooth and them shorting out. Hopefully, they’ve gotten better, but some manufacturers will still void your warranty if you use them (Vaddio is one that I deal with that has that policy).

I guess my cheapness could have saved me than… :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you test the cables (with a cable tester) and they passed that test yet shorted out when plugged in? How did they short out your Vaddio device and not your PoE switch/injector?

I’ve been using them a while and haven’t had a problem, but I’d like to know what to look for so that I don’t have an issue.

I caught the shorts with the cable tester before we plugged them in. It was a consistent problem.

Vaddio explicitly voids the warranty in their manuals if you use them.

It was a more prevalent problem when they first came out, but it’s a problem that can rear its ugly head when the slicer on the tool starts to get dull.

Ultimately, I decided that they weren’t that much easier than using regular RJ45s.

Now that CAT 6 is being sold without the spline, I will probably go back to the old jacks. It’s pretty much only cameras and APs that I’m putting a RJ45 on, so it makes sense not to take a chance on them since they are all PoE.