Create Fiber Backbone

My school is thinking of creating a fiber backbone between switches/firewall. Is there a unifi approved fiber to sfp connector that would work between the sfp ports on unifi switches

I would use DAC cables instead of fibre - SFP+ DAC VS Fiber Latency: Copper Is Faster Than Fiber - YouTube if the switches are close to each other

Unifi do their own cables - UC-DAC-SFP+, UC-DAC-SFP28

Search amazon for dac network cables, and choose one that is Ubiquiti compatible.

If you have to use fibre - Unifi units SFP+ MM Module – Ubiquiti Store Europe

Unifi switches are not locked down to Unifi own hardware, you can use any Ubiquiti compatible items

We’re trying to connect between floors. Varying lengths of 75’-150’ between floor switch and main rack.

What is the specific need for Fibre as with high quality Cat 6E STP cable you can easily achieve 10GbE. Also good quality cable can be pulled through to replace existing Cat 5 cable.

If you plan to go above 10GbE to say 25GbE then Fibre is a better option, however it is fragile and needs to be extremely well protected and terminated by specialist contractors.

You can buy fiber jumpers that are pre-terminated in just about any custom length you want, that’s what I do at work. Check places like Fiberdyne for custom terminated bundles of fiber made to your length.