Create a mount point for ISO images in XCP-ng

I have a total of 2.2Tb storage with XCP-ng with type:EXT. Out of that 2.2Tb, I wanted to allocate 30Gb for ISO images. Root by default only has 18Gb so I wanted to create a new mount point so I can store the ISOs. I’ve tried using gparted but it doesn’t allow resizing of the disk. (I’m not sure why this is but even though I checked EXT, XCP-ng still created a LVM volume. Maybe someone can help me better understand why that is?).
I’m not sure how to use the fdisk tool and it’s kind of risky to resize using fdisk since you can potentially lose your data. I was wondering how I’d go about this. Any help would be really appreciated.

I am not very good and LVM, Their forums would probably be more helpful Home | XCP-ng forum

Could you just plug in a 30+GB USB drive and create a new storage repository for your ISO’s? I have never used local storage with XCP-NG, so I’m not sure if this would work. If you have an NFS or SMB share, you could set that up to be the ISO store as well.