Country restriction and online gaming

Hello, since I am becoming bored waiting to board at the airport, my brain started to create stupid questions. :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile:

If I set a geographical restriction on my router, can I still play online games?
For example, I am in Italy and I want to play destiny 2. What happens if I block - I don’t know… - the Germany on pfSense?
The crucible matchmacking will try to “catch” players in Europe (closer to me), but, since I don’t have the control on it, how can it knows that I blocked some countries?
What happens if I have some “blocked country” players in the game?

Depends on how the game works, does your system connect to a central game server or do the individuals connect to your computer?

Ciao Tom, frankly speaking I don’t know…
I know that I have to connect to some server for the login (I don’t know if from Bungie or Steam), but I don’t know how it works the backend.

What is the difference between the two?

If someone is connecting to you from their own IP then blocking could work.

Ah ok, instead if there is a central server I have the IP of that, right?

Yes, I think many games just use a central server to coordinate the connections.

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