Cost Analysis: Choosing Between On-Premise FreePBX or Cloud Hosted Phone

Does anyone know what support is included as a freebpx partner?

The reason I don’t do onprem is because I’m no voip expert and adding 300+ per year for a support contract for each box quickly adds up , plus it’s only a 4hr sla during business hours etc.

Or can anyone recommend an onprem system where partners can pay one reasonable fee per year to cover all their boxes


I will likely always choose (outsourced) cloud for the following reasons:

  1. Non of my time needed to troubleshoot, unless issue is on my LAN.
  2. Staff can take their deskphones anywhere & make calls. This was invaluable with the national lockdown in my country.
  3. No PBX hardware to pay for, while the equipment depreciates.

I do custom hosted PBX systems for my clients around Chicago and the suburbs. Run everything out of a datacenter. There’s a huge difference in quality from having a server run from a datacenter with huge bandwidth vs the headache of managing this yourself using local internet.

You also have more redundancy with pro grade servers and backup virtual machines.