Converting desktop database to web

I am not familiar with this. I need to publish ( if this is the correct word) one of our forms on the website so that the clients can have access to that. Desktop or Web Application: What to Develop? - Exoft Is it possible to convert to the web? Or it is a completely different environment and everything has to be redone for the web? Thanks for your help.

I can’t understand the question, where is your form right now ? Is it local ?

I second that the question is hard to understand. We need a bit more information, like what desktop application are you referring to, what database (e.g. Postgres/MySQL/…) are you using, is the database server already reachable from the internet?

If I understand you correctly, you currently have a desktop application that is backed by a database. Since you mentioned forms, I assume the gist of the application is that users can query and mutate data through the UI. Now you want that same database exposed via a web app.

That is, in general, possible. Assuming the database lives on a conventional database server / DBMS (like the aforementioned MySQL or Postgres), a web application can be built that accesses that same database. I obviously don’t know the nature of your data, but I would think long and hard about whether I am comfortable suddenly exposing data that was internal until now.

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