Contact for Starlink?

This is kind of a networking question…

Does anyone have a contact for Starlink?

Once upon a time, I was an installer and user of Starband satellite internet, it was better than dial up where I was, so the best I could get. I was also operating a Ku band television uplink truck so had easy access to the tools to self install.

Right now I’m on Spectrum, and I’m not happy! The garbage 6mbps upload I can get is shameful. FiOS is not available to me so the fastest I can buy is a “whopping” 10mbps upload.

Tired of this garbage. Want to get on the early list for Starlink, money ready and waiting. Just need more details about look angles, length of cable, etc.

If anyone has anything that might help me get in touch, I’d appreciate the help. You can private message me if you don’t want to post it openly.

The question (that I haven’t seen answered) is starlink going direct to consumer or via resellers who handle the last mile delivery.

From what I found, the ground stations are going to be circular housings with automatic positioning of the internal antenna. All a user should need is a plumb vertical post and the correct cable. Should be a super easy install much like any over the air antenna. Only real difference is that it will need to be above about 6 feet high if ground mounted due to transmitting, or maybe not if power is low. The current satellite stuff requires that the dish be mounted well above head height because that watt or two condensed into a tiny slit of a beam can be really dangerous.