Dear Community,

Is there a way to use Control feature, but the catch is that the support machine is Linux (Ubuntu).
I mean, the clients machine to get into, in order to provide support is Windows, but the machine from which the Support Session is initiated is running Linux (Ubuntu).
I hope i am explaining the situation correctly to be understood.
Please your support if you know if this is possible and how can it be achieved.

Yes, works with Linux if that is what you are asking.

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Dear Tom,
Thanks so much for your reply.
I tried but are having the following issue, maybe i dont know what to do next. You see, if the support is initiated by a Linux (Ubuntu) machine i get the following image:
And, it downloads the following file:
Just not sure, what to do next. What must i do with that downloaded file to be able to connect to the machine i must provide support to?

If I used a windows machine to initiate the support session, I get another file, “ConnectWiseControl.ClientSetup.exe” and after installing that file, the support session is initiated successfully.

Do you see the problem I am having?

I think the problem is that I dont know how to finish the process to be able to initiate the support session with a Linux machine.

If someone knows what to do next, your help is much appreciated!

Nevermind, I have found the answer to my own question with a little more research done. :blush:

If anyone else is having this problem, here is the answer:

In this tutorial, we will show you how to run .jnlp files in a system running Ubuntu/Linux Mint. The extension jnlp ( Java Network Launching Protocol ) is used to launch and manage Java programs via the internet or network. If you have downloaded a *.jnlp file on your computer and don’t know how to execute it, you can simply use javaws to run it.

Getting Started

To install javaws under Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 and Linux Mint 14/13 or older, open the terminal and run these commands:

sudo apt-get install icedtea-netx

Via the terminal, cd to the folder containing your plnp file and run this command:

javaws filename.jlnp

Alright. Hopefully his helps someone else in the community.