Connection to plex keeps dropping over OpenVPN

Apologies if this is the wrong sub forum but with the different devices in play I figure its a network issue.

I have Plex setup on my nas DS920+ and within my network it runs just fine. I would rather not port foward for outside access so I setup OpenVPN on my pfsense to connect and reach my plex via the mobile app on my phone. Everything was working well but recently the connection to plex establishes then disconnects like 3 minutes later.
I have no idea where to focus troubleshooting efforts. Plex shows nothing and my vpn connection never drops so I’m thinking openVPN is not the issue. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t say I know the precise answer but if nothing in the logs is jumping out then I would access the nas over openvpn and play a file in say vlc. If you get the same issue then it’s your NAS or Vpn, if not it’s plex.

As a guess I suspect something is timing out due to buffering.

When it drops what get’s it working again?

The only way to be able to connect again is by force closing the plex app on my phone, disconnect and reconnect openvpn on phone again and re-open plex.

Hmmm didn’t know VLC could play over phone. If i can ill give that a go.

Update on this: I am able to connect to my NAS using Android VLC as a SMB Share. This connection holds though I can’t play many videos, I think due to lack of connection strength or transcoding issues. Either way the connection holds via VLC. Still drops when using Plex app.