Connecting Unifi Network to Fortigate Firewall Issue

Hi all,

I am trying to configure a completely new network for a factory buildout. All of the equipment is new, patched to the latest versions.

I need 5 VLANs, all with access to the internet via a Fortigate 60F firewall (1 Guest, 4 Production) - all listed below for reference. The 4 Production networks need to be able to intercommunicate as well, the Guest does not. VLAN 4040 was created by Unifi by defautl.

I can get access to the internet, but only on one network (VLAN 0), not all. I have followed the best practice instructions from Ubiquiti but have issues getting that to work as expected.

Per Ubiquiti’s configuration information, I am to use as the Firewall address and set Static Routes to all of the subnets. I am connected to port 1 on the switch which is set to the default profile ALL. When I try to create a VLAN Switch with a TAG of 4040, i get the response that VLAN ID 4040 is invalid - Maximum value of 3000. I therefore set the port of the Ubiquiti switch to have as its default network. This allows communication to the internet for anything on, but not from any other network.

I have created static routes on the firewall for all the production VLANs pointing back to - Tag 4040 - Inter-VLAN Route - Router IP address - Tag 0 - Default VLAN - IP Address - Tag 10 - User VLAN - IP Address - Tag 20 - Security VLAN - IP Address - Tag 30 - Shop VLAN - IP address - Tag 99 - Guest Network

Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?


I’m confused about your routing. If you firewall is doing all the routing then why are you setting up static routes on the switch? All that needs to be done is to create the VLAN’s on the fortigate and then configure the networks on the switch for all your VLAN ID’s.

My firewall is not doing any routing, except for Internet bound traffic.