Connecting two satellite stations to the main station

I have two satellite stations that I want to connect to the network.
I am running a netgate 2100 and Server 2016 at the main station, and I want the satellite stations to be able to authenticate with the server so the users can login to the network.
I created an OpenVPN connection that authenticates against the DC and can connect from both stations, but when the users logout, the connection is broken, and I want it to connect without the user having to do anything.

We reached out to our Tech Company, but he was against us buying into Netgate, and he is always trying to upsell(he is an MSP, so I get that, but we are a small not for profit ambulance service, so these expenditures really hurt the bottom end). He wanted us to renew our old firewall contract, which also has yearly fee’s, and we needed a new appliance(Dell Sonicwall, IICRC). We bought the Netgate 2100 last year, and have saved money already.

If IPsec, besides the recipe from pfsense, are there other tutorials?
Does it need to authenticate against pfsense?
IPsec is just something I can’t wrap my head around.

Tailscale? I wonder if their servers would be available for free to you since it is a non-profit. That might be the easiest way to get and keep the connection.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I just sent them an email.