Connecting my work laptop to my desktop screens

Hi guys,

Hopefully you can help me out here.

The situation is as followed.

I have an desktop + 2 screens (connected via DP)

But sometimes I want to work from home and want to connect my laptop to the screens and to use the mouse+keyboard.

So i was thinking an solution with a USB-C cable. But i cannot find it.

Are there some solutions that I can replicate to have a proper setup? So i can use the Laptop and connect it to my screen’s.

Use a KVM. Here is a link:

Just check which device would satisfy your need.

Those are to expensive for what I need

But one more question I see those switches are 4k@60hz but I have screens what are 144hz that would be useless?

Also if I connect the two screens with an hdmi hub would that work as well?

Well you can find other KVM from other vendor. I just gave you that link as an example. You will be able to find cheaper alternative.

In regards to your monitor refresh rate, are you going to use 144hz? Are you going to use it for gaming? I have not use this KVM for games so I can’t really say if that will have an effect. I mainly use this for work (switching between main computer vs a jump machine).

Yes because the desktop is my daily use machine where I also game on. It is 2x WQHD screens of AOC.

So that will be an issue, or is it possible just to connect two screes to 1 hdmi output? And then to add the usb-hub cable in it. It’s not a kvm switch in this case.

Because I will not use it like that? Are there solutions as that?

Like this One?

I am not sure you need a KVM device, I personally think a hub would be more inline with what you need.

I use a similar device that is a 13-in-1 hub. The key thing is to make sure the hub will support screen expansion. rather than replication. I tracked down the product you shared above and it mentions the extend mode for Windows, so that should be ok.

The hub that I purchased has 2 hdmi’s that supports 4K@60hz, but that device cost me closer to £90 or so.

In regards to the other comment about the 144Hz, i am not sure what you are hoping to get. You will probably need to settle for a lower refresh rate as this will likely be a limit of the GPU as well as the hub capabilities.

If it helps, this is what I use on my SFF desktop. My desktop only has 1 hdmi, so I got this and it works great.

I am happy with this and its on offer here in the UK at the moment.

If you do decide to try the product you showed, I would suggest you open the packaging carefully and try it, at least you might be able to return if it doesnt work as well as you had hoped.

Regards, Colin.

In my case I need something else I think.

Because you only use it with your desktop the hub?

I want to connect my laptop as well.

I found the following: virtual kvm-switch.
Will try to install the server + clients.

Over the network.

Oh my bad. I missed the part where you want to connect to both. I read your post as I want to work from home and connect my laptop to 2 screens. So I thought, ok your desktop is at work and you want to use laptop + 2 screens at home.

Currently my desktop connects to 1x 4K screen and 2x 1080P screens. So I use the USB-C hub to connect my 1080P screens and the 4K directly to the desktop. But please keep in mind, it might be my desktop, but I could easily connect this hub to my laptop and it do the same thing.

The Aten range of KVM’s are considered some of the more affordable ones. I guess if you only want 1 keyboard and 1 mouse, but the option to use on the desktop OR laptop. Then you will need a KVM or just unplug / reconnect them.