Connecting my Cisco 3802i AP to my pfSense server

Hello to I have been try to connect my Cisco 3802i AP to my pfSence server.

First I want to say I’m new to networking.

Here is the console logs that is coming off the Cisco 3802i AP

[*11/09/2018 08:59:10.8007] CAPWAP State: Init
[*11/09/2018 08:59:10.8012]
[*11/09/2018 08:59:10.8012] Config not found, PNP is required, Starting PNP
[*11/09/2018 08:59:10.8012]
[*11/09/2018 08:59:14.5529] PNP:Server not reachable, Start CAPWAP Discovery
[*11/09/2018 08:59:14.5531]
[*11/09/2018 08:59:14.5531] CAPWAP State: Discovery
[*11/09/2018 08:59:14.5547] IP DNS query for
[*11/09/2018 08:59:14.5585] Discovery Request sent to, discovery type UNKNOWN(0)
[*11/09/2018 08:59:14.5586]
[*11/09/2018 08:59:14.5586] CAPWAP State: Discovery
[*11/09/2018 08:59:24.0874]
[*11/09/2018 08:59:24.0874] CAPWAP State: Discovery
[*11/09/2018 08:59:24.0882] IP DNS query for
[*11/09/2018 08:59:24.0932] Discovery Request sent to, discovery type UNKNOWN(0)

Does anyone know how I go about fixing this or if I cant connect a Cisco 3802i ap to the pfSence

hi there,

Your ap is searching for a controller which is expected behaviour for a lightweight access point. For your purposes i beleive you will need to convert the ap over to ciscos mobility express, to allow it to operate as what used to be refered to as autonomous.

I’ve not played with mobility express personally, but you should be able to find info on the googles to get it sorted, else im sure others on here have given it a crack before.


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Pretty much what Pete said. Find a version of IOS that is for stand-alone and convert it. Lightweight to Autonomous (vice versa) Conversion… | mrn-cciew

This might be helpful. Also, if you need help with the config, let me know. I run a 2602i myself.

I found " AIR-AP3800-K9-ME-8-10-151-0.tar " and " "
I know that I have to do something with Tftp but don’t know how to.

Find a TFTP server application and add those files to it. You should then be able to have the AP access them via TFTP. There are several free ones out there.