Connecting Asus Router to Pfsense not in access point mode

new to pfsense and beginning my configuration. question is as follows:
is there a way to connect the asus router (rt-ax86u) not in access point so i donot loose the asus router options (e.g. set up vpnclients, wireguard, openvpn). i know it canbe done in pfsense but the asus router way is much simpler and easier to do.
i was thinking just to turn off the dchp setting. could that work?

your feedback is appreciated.

It probably could be done, but it feels like a lot of faffing around. Getting up to speed with OpenVPN isn’t that hard if you are familiar with OpenVPN on Asus. However, getting to grips with pfSense does require effort.

I wouldn’t waste time trying to do what you want as you will spend a lot of time troubleshooting.

You can always plug in your pfSense to the Asus router and go from there, test it out, see how far you get.

thx for the reply. the openvpn client in pfsense requires multiple steps, i never seem to geti t right. i am missing a step or a typo somewhere but at the end i end up with loading local address and never connects. use to the asus openvpn client (this is set up for the 3rd party providers) is pretty straight forwards in comparison to pfsense.

I assume you are talking about setting up the VPN client of a third party provider in pfsense. Most providers will have a tutorial or guide.

I’d recommend setting up your own OpenVPN server, it will give you some ideas of how it works, then setting up the vendors client might be a bit easier if you have some clue.