Connecting a WAX 202AP to PFSENSE

Has anyone been able to login into Netgear WAX202 to PFSENSE i receive an IP address, but i receive a message unsecure site.
I have tried WIFI but still no go.

Any ideas please ??

Have you tried connecting your AP to a switch ?

yes its connected to the Lan switch. The PFS gives a IP address but i receive unsecure website , however i dont receive the option to advance further. Is so frustrating that i can’t configure the AP.

If you’ve verified the IP is coming from the pfSense, you may need to try a different browser to be able to bypass the certificate error. Edge and Chrome seem to be getting more difficult to “accept the risk and continue”. Firefox seems a little more straight forward.

Thanks for your advice, Firefox worked Thanks. I found that if I inserted https:// before the ip address this worked on my chrome browser. I was uso used to just tying the ip address . So now working fine this way.

Thanks agoin.