Connecting 2 Cat6a cables?

Is it ok to connect 2 Shielded 50 ft. Cat6a cables using a extender/coupler? I’d rather not use a punch-down coupler because the cables already have their ends.

It’s for a 10gb line through my attic in the Florida heat. It will be connecting a FreeNas server(or a switch if I can afford one) to a media machine to play Plex movies.

Will there be integrity issues? Should I wrap or shield the connector some how?

Thanks in Advanced!!

Should be fine, though I would just go with a 100ft Cat 6a cable to take out the connection point. Those cable are so cheap now…seems like the obvious option for me. (

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Good call, thanks. Couplers $10 vs 100ft cable $30, no brainer.

Will copper 10 Gb work at that distance?

Yes…that will do just fine.

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