Connect Untangle Client to Pfsense Server over Tunnel OpenVPN

I have a combination of pfsense and untangle firewalls. I need to connect my Untangle Firewall to my Pfsense firewall over OpenVPN

Pfsense = Server
Untangle = Client

I’m trying to use the Tunnel VPN App in Untangle to connect to Pfsense. I have the OpenVPN server setup in pfsense as Remote Access (User Auth). Setting attached.

Here is the ovpn file that I get from pfsense. I use this to import into Untangle and add my User ID and Password. Untangle will NOT connect to pfsense and Untangle does not even generate logs to investigate. However, it does not produce an error on import.

Does anyone have experience connecting Untangle (client) to Pfsense (server) over OpenVPN? If so, do you see something wrong with my configuration?


resolv-retry infinite
remote DELETE 1194 udp4
setenv opt block-outside-dns
remote-cert-tls server

-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- DELETE -----END CERTIFICATE----- setenv CLIENT_CERT 0 key-direction 1 # # 2048 bit OpenVPN static key # -----BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1----- DELETE -----END OpenVPN Static key V1-----