Connect proxmox VM to TrueNAS on different networks

I am trying to connect my TrueNAS media storage to my Ubuntu Server VM running Plex. The VM is running on Proxmox. I have a network storage for the Proxmox server connected to a share already. But that is just where my ISO and backups go for the most part. I want to either connect my VM to that or another share, if needed, to gain access to my movies and shows on that file server.

TrueNAS and Proxmox management are on the 192.168.1.x network.

Ubuntu/Plex VM is on 192.168.99.x network via VLAN tag.

I am new to proxmox, so, what I would like to do is maybe add another network share that is passed through Proxmox that I can mount into Ubuntu. But, not sure the best way to go about this. I rather not route the traffic through my firewall. I do have the option to run a dedicated line between the systems from NIC to NIC if that makes life easier.

So, is there a way to mount the storage in Proxmox and pass this as some for of internal storage in the VM? iSCSI instead of network share maybe? I did some googling but I am not finding much on this. Maybe I am not wording things correctly in the search.

And before anyone asks, I do not want Plex on the same network because all my streaming devices are on the other network. Trying to isolate them from everything else.

Oh, I have found the add button. Now I feel a bit stupid. lol

So, I guess I can just make a new share and move my video files to that.

So, it looks like I can only add drives via the add function. I was hopping to just add a share directly to the VM through proxmox. Not make a virtual drive. Reason being I just want to easily rip my disks and plop them in the share like I did when I was running a jail for Plex in FreeNAS. Trying to emulate the whole thing through Proxmox

Maybe I am going all about this wrong. What would be the best way to do this? I have a feeling I am coming at this totally the wrong way. Would direct connecting the servers be a better solution?

Not super clear on what you are trying to do…

But in Proxmox you can add your disk and it will show up in the node.

When you create a VM you can point to that storage.

I am not explaining myself very well, I think.

I want to make an easy spot to drop video files in for plex running in a Linux VM. Plex connects to a different VLAN from the main Proxmox connection. The NAS and Proxmox are on the same network, but Plex is on the other VLAN.

I want to connect the two with out going through the firewall and crossing VLANs. When I setup a share and try and connect it to my Plex VM it seems to only allow for a virtual disk. And as far as I can tell, there is no way for me to just drop files into the virtual disk from other computers. Namely the ones I am using to rip my disks on.

Is it possible to make a network share of TruNAS that only talks to a single VLAN? I might just have to make a highly restrictive rule that allows the Plex VM to talk to the main LAN and access shares SMB shares on the other side. Guess I will have to play around.