Connect 2 XCP-NG servers - no access to fw

I have a home setup running xcp-ng and controlled by Orchestra. I also have a test server running xcp-ng offsite. I would like to be able to backup the offsite to home and vice versa as well as have access from offsite to the local storage repository at home.

I don’t have access to change out the firewall (add wireguard or openvpn at the fw level at the offsite location). What’s the best way to connect the offsite XCP-NG to the home XCP-ng? I looked into using “proxy” in xen orchestra but that looks like its a paid feature. I built my orchestra from sources. Add wireguard to XCP-ng’s centos???


You could create a VM running wireguard or whatever VPN service on xcpng that had access to the network that XCPng is running on. Then you might be able to have your XOA instance talk to it.

I personally wouldn’t do it this way and the proxy is literally built for this. I know it cost money, but everything that is good and worth it always does. And it helps feed the people actually developing this project!

Technically you should not be loading VPN software on DOM0 (the XCP-ng host) but if you can put a firewall in between your setup and the firewall you don’t have control over (Double NAT) you could then have that firewall connect to your home where you do have access to the VPN config.