Connect 2 swtichs that are 650feet/200m away

So i have a Ubiquiti 48ports POE Pro switch that have 2SFP+ ports and 2SFP ports…
I need to connect 2 builds that are 650 feet away, first time that i need to go that distance, so for sure i need fiber, but is my first time needing fiber so what is the best approach?

I did saw that ubiquit have Ufiber Ubiquiti Uf-Loco Onu Gpon but i cant find any video/article on how to use/if i should use in this case, i think u put one of this on the end but what should connect it to?

Im from Brazil so there is not a lot of companies that work using Fiber here (it’s a new thing even for your Internet provider)
So im a little lost here any help is appreciated!

You can use two SFP fiber modules and get a pre fabricated fiber to go between them.

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