Connect 2 buildings - Fiber, I guess

I know about the ground loop and not to run Ethernet between two buildings. Fiber it is.

The buildings are only 30m apart. There is no server on either side and it is all about sharing a 300/10Mbit ISP connection for web browsing and such. No need for 10GBe.

Can someone point me to a working solution for two switches and a fiber connection for about 300ft between them. We are thinking about a duct, but stringing it in the air would be possible as well. (30ft gap). So I don’t need 12 stranded fiber OM4 or any such, just a connection for a 1GB Ethernet link.

I’d so appreciate your input. I normally never venture outside . . .


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You can use a Single Mode Fiber to connect both with media converter on both sides or buy a Managed Switch with SFP ports. I think Fiber is much stable compare to P2P parabolic dish especially if your sharing internet connection. We have a TP-Link Jetstream 2600G-52TS as for switch but If you have budget why not use a Cisco 9500 Catalyst or 3750x-12S-E. Having a goal to minimize the possible calls from users is a good way to think about it too.

take a look at the MikroTik line of switches reliable and inexpensive.

If your run is less than 100 meters then running Cat5e or better isn’t an issue. Even using a wireless bridge between buildings would probably be cheaper than a fiber based solution.

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Thanks for the input, y’all!