Confusion about enabling quota in a Linux server

I am a bit confused about some settings about quota in a Linux server.
In all tutorials or documentation, there is a /home in the /etc/fstab and the usrquota and grpquota is added to the mounting point options and then the quota is enabled.

Now, in my case i have a /data mount point and the /home is located at /data/home
In the /etc/fstab the mount point is /data and logically this is where i should add the quota options and have it enable.

My confusion is about enabling the user’s home quota…It is correct and enough to have the whole /data enabled with quota and then granularry say
quotaon /data/home/some_user ?

Pray, can someone point me in the right dirrection?

Thank you advance!

went on and added the usrquota y grpquota to /data

mounted and remounted the /data

checked with cat /proc/mounts ’ /data ’ it says quota, usrquota, grpquota. this is normal behaviour.

now, when i try to activate the quota with quotacheck -cug /data it gives this error

quotacheck:Cannot statfs() /mnt/data1: protocol not supported.

This confuses me, i enabled quota for /data only.