Confused newbie question


I have bought an SG1100 to experiment a little bit with networking and to one day replace my isp-s router. I have internet and IPTV coming in with one cable. My ISP provides 5 static or 5 dynamic IP addresses.

Before setting up the pfSense I gave them a call and they confirmed these 5 static addresses are ‘public’ addresses. I told them that in that case I wanted to switch to the static addresses.

Now the part that is confusing to me is : After I asked for an ip-block they pointed to a page were I can switch from dynamic to static, after which I arrive on a form where I can add mac- address and I am not sure anymore how this will work as it looks more like a DHCP reservation page.

Is that a regular type of info to require? Will I be able to provide the same MAC for multiple Ips or will they hand out an IP each time I add a MAC address? Am I correct in my thinking that MAC addresses do not pass routers and that I don’t want to place anything in front of my SG?

I can call them for more information, but I prefer to understand the topic a bit better myself as they speak bulgarian and I am more comfortable in dutch, french, english or python for that matter and I am sure my confusion will not contribute to them understanding me and vice versa.

Anyone an idea where I can go to fill in my blanks?

much appreciation,

You can get multiple different IP’s on a single MAC address using pfsense. I am not sure how your ISP handles that,

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